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Neverbland creates bold user interfaces that help you stay upstream of the mainstream.

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User interface (UI) design is how we define the look and feel of a website, app or digital product. It’s how the visual identity comes together with structural blueprints to create interfaces that are both functional and beautiful.

A well considered interface design can elevate the user experience in many different ways. A clean layout can help guide users through their journey, consistent interaction colours and states can help users become familiar quickly, and utilising motion can provide both clarity and moments of joy.

It can also be one of the most expressive and impactful executions of a company’s brand and a unique opportunity to immerse a customer in your world.

At Neverbland, the UI design stage is where we get to flex our creative muscles. We know how to pick our moments; where to dial-up the brand expression and let it sing, and where to strip it back to its core in order to deliver functional and intuitive experiences.

Ultimately, we arrive at a design system that can scale and flex based on the specific context. A comprehensive suite of responsive components, design patterns and micro-interactions that allows us to deliver interfaces that customers love to use. 

What we do

  • Art direction

  • Component design

  • Responsive design

  • Interaction design

  • Animation

  • Prototyping

  • Design systems

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Choosing the right digital partner felt like quite a stressful mission for the MOTH team. Neverbland stood out as they had such a strong appreciation of how to evolve and elevate our brand identity into a digital space. Communications during the project were open and transparent and we love the new site.
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Hannah Collins

Head of eCommerce, MOTH

Neverbland was quick to get straight to the heart of our brand and strategic ambitions. The process felt highly collaborative. The team worked fast, yet were thorough and communicative throughout the lifecycle of the project. We’re looking forward to continuing our journey with NB to further develop our online fitness platform.
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Ed Stanbury

CEO & Co-Founder, Blok

Honestly, I couldn't recommend NB any more highly. The team who designed and built our platform in 2016 were an absolute godsend. As two non-technical co-founders, they made it incredibly easy for us to be involved in the full process of our product development and at no point did we feel alienated.
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Hugo Campbell

Co-Founder, Feast It

They made the project feel easy. Collaborative, as well as focused, responsive and super friendly. The site Neverbland built for us was fantastic and has performed extremely well and given us a great start. That's all down to their level of commitment to deliver awesome work and really understand the problem we were trying to solve.
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Lucas London

Founder, Lick

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Awwwards - Honourable Mention, Site Of The Day

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Backstage with Bon Jovi

FWA - Site of the Day

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Backstage with Bon Jovi

CSS Design Awards - UX, UI, Innovation

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Awwwards - Honourable Mention

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12 Brews Of Xmas

Awwwards - Honorable Mention, Site Of The Day

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Paul McCartney

Awwwards - Honourable Mention

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Awwwards - Honourable Mention, Mobile Excellence

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Digital Agenda Impact Awards - #1 Startups 100

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Site Inspire - Honorable Mention

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Feast It

RealBusiness - Top 3 StartUps

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Lovie Award

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Cannes Lion Innovation

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Savse Smoothies

Awwwards - Site Of The Day, Honorable Mention, Developer Award

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Well Done Team GB

Awwwards - Honorable Mention, Site Of The Day

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