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Rog Harrison

Rog Harrison


One of the many great joys of working in the digital product space is the ingenious and creative businesses it has created. The internet has also created some great products that like NEVERBLAND advocate and promote sustainable business practice that generate a positive impact on all of us and the planet

So when we recently got a brief from MyTrees it was well aligned to our purpose. MyTrees is a beautifully simple idea that allows people to set up a monthly subscription for the saving & planting of trees as well as being entered into a weekly prize draw for cash and a monthly jackpot. 

For £10 a month 132 trees are saved per year across Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Kenya. The scheme is run by Conservation International and todate MyTrees has saved over 150,000 trees.

MyTrees were scaling when they approached us to give them a helping hand. As a business we focus on helping create startups that scale and create digital transformations for existing businesses.

MyTrees had a Beta product with a substantial amount of subscribers and had learnt alot from studying their users via user testing and tracking analytics. With all this learning they wanted to kick on and make their value proposition clearer to existing and potential users, with the objective to increase overall conversion and retention. At the same time they wanted to enhance the user experience and refine the ‘How it Works’ page so users had a better understanding of how the subscription money is invested in planting/saving trees, how the cash rewards work, the conservation international partnership, and the positive impact members have. 

MyTrees asked NEVERBLAND to review their critical path of the user journey and how it was working, and to propose brand and UI Design improvements to elevate the customer experience and support an increase in conversion across desktop and mobile touch points.

With the great insights from MyTrees NEVERBLAND made recommendations in several key areas. This included the creation of a content hierarchy brief which included making the odds of winning and the prizes clearer, and simplifying the different plans/monthly rewards. 

This in turn resulted in the creation of a more visual experience that explained the different plans users can buy to increase the number of trees they save per year and grow their forest, along with a greater chance to win weekly/monthly rewards.

Through the provision of great insight from MyTrees we were able to help them make a simple beautiful idea, even simpler and more beautiful in terms of a user experience. We don’t have the data yet, but the changes are sure to build recruitment, retention and brand equity at an accelerated pace over the following months.

Learn more about how Neverbland facilitated MyTrees growth here.

Creds – 3D Design by Guillaume Kurkdjian
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