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Rog Harrison

Rog Harrison


TikTok has been growing at an exponential rate in the UK from a consumer point of view. With such growth comes new opportunities and TikTok identified the potential for further growth via brand owners. If these brands owners and their media agencies could be further empowered to optimise TikTok’s capabilities, brands could build brand equity faster.

Social creative studio OK COOL who work with TikTok teamed up with digital product studio Neverbland to create an educational tool for TikTok business users in media agencies to confidently sell TikTok to their brand clients. This tool was geared at Gen X decision makers who may not be quite as familiar with the intricacies of TikTok as their Gen Z colleagues.

OK COOL presented a campaign concept to TikTok, which consisted of six video ‘modules’ that taught the viewer different skills such as:

  1. What the fundamentals of the platform are
  2. A step by step guide on how to create videos and use effects on the app
  3. Brand ops, UGC (user generated content), why storytelling is important
  4. Understanding TikTok Ad products and choosing the suitable one
  5. How to find, engage and brief content creators
  6. Reporting, metrics and evaluating brand campaigns

As part of the campaign Neverbland designed a fun and engaging quiz after each module with big emoji thumbs up / Nope graphic – to essentially check that the users were proficient in the content.

After all 6 modules were completed, the user then had the opportunity to claim TikTok branded merch that OK COOL designed and produced. The solution Neverbland implemented to deliver this was to use a platform called Klaviyo to collate the users address ready for shipping.

TikTok also ran a #wfhchallenge, to put the newly learnt skills in to practice – giving the media agencies their own # to tag their content. OK COOL and TikTok then reviewed and chose the best one and provided a brand new iPad gift as a prize.

TikTok dovetailed this with comms to invite a list of media agencies who could pass through a gateway using their work email address. Neverbland ensured via the CMS that only users who were working in media agencies on a ‘access list’ could pass through.

The media agency user could do the modules in their own time and could come back to complete when they had the time as long as they had completed the previous module.

This project had great engagement and the creative videos and thinking from OK COOL blended with a seamless tech solution from Neverbland empowered brands to optimise TikTok’s capabilities to a greater extent.

Check it out.

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