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Rebrand and site designed to propel blockchain company towards building a better future


Initiated two years ago by Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman, TriliTech is dedicated to developing new ideas and innovation built on the Tezos blockchain. From fledgling startups and artists, to technologists and established brands, TriliTech provides world-class guidance on how to build a new world of value on the blockchain.


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An ever-evolving vision for the future of Tezos

With Tezos at the forefront of the web3 revolution, TriliTech were in need of a better way to showcase their contributions to the blockchain.

The goal was to reimagine TriliTech’s brand strategy, visual identity, design system, and site, creating a new digital identity that celebrates the company’s pioneering mission and growing portfolio.

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Leading the way with confidence and clarity

We were brought in to reintroduce the company in a way that communicated both TriliTech’s technical expertise and start-up mentality. We closely collaborated with the client to distil a brand strategy and through numerous iterations and workshops, a winning strategy was defined.

With a minimalistic approach to layout and typography, we created a visual identity for TriliTech that allowed the space for confidence and clarity to come through. Harnessing a monochromatic theme throughout, we were able to draw attention with TriliTech’s iconic blue to key moments in the brand experience.

Defining and communicating the nature of blockchain through design, we developed a library of 3D assets and animations to convey TriliTech’s key messaging. Drawing on visual cues of building, growth, momentum and evolution, these glass-like 3D structures help illustrate the logic of blockchain.

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UI Design

Building a new platform for growth

From web3-savvy entrepreneurs, to prospective graduate hires, the new site needed to cater for varying levels of blockchain knowledge. We leveraged a minimal, yet scalable design system, enabling TriliTech’s core messaging to come through clear and direct. Welcoming the curious and emboldening the brave, the Trilitech digital experience encourages and inspires the future technologists of the world.

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