Re-branding a sustainable food delivery service taking on the greedy industry goliaths

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A seemingly impossible task was made simple by Foodstuff. Toby and James founded Foodstuff with an ethically conscious ethos that created the perfect storm in Cambridge. Not only did they deliver meals worthy of the #foodporn, but they delivered on their promise to pay their riders properly whilst supporting local businesses.

Their team of eco-friendly riders are avid cyclists making a living doing what they love. Think biker gang, but on fixies, with morals. The only thing they needed was a strong brand to scale up.

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Credits/Jerseys/Mr Penfold

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The NB team revolutionised both our brand and online presence. Through a series of workshops and iterative feedback sessions, they distilled our core values and direction as a business. This translated into a new brand that oozes Foodstuff and a website that has really helped us stand out in a crowded industry.
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James Perry

Co-Founder, Foodstuff

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Badboys on bicycles

These guys are rock and roll on spokes, so the messaging and web experience needed to feel just as rebellious. The ROCKON logo epitomises Foodstuff’s roguish attitude and quickly became an integral part of the spirit of the company. It echoes the ‘sticking it to the big man’ ethos with the rebellious fist, yet it’s offset by the playful and retro colourways.

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UX Design

Service with soul

Other delivery services give you a basic list of chain restaurants to choose your overpriced meal from which gets delivered by an underpaid cyclist. Foodstuff gives you detailed descriptions, clear imagery and quality service. The design is harmonious and the site now feels cohesive. It tells the story of Foodstuff and its sustainable soul before transporting you to each restaurant storefront.

The founders of Foodstuff have a bold message to deliver. A middle finger to the industry fat cats. True rebels with a cause. The brand had to encapsulate this, and had to be truly embodied by the entire team - from riders to restaurant owners.
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Ralph Peskett

Design Director, Neverbland

The (food) stuff of legends

Beyond the beautiful storefront created for Foodstuff, we helped design the functional services to help the business run smoothly from the point of customers ordering to the delivery and account management. A new and efficient ticketing system and enhanced vendor controls increased the back of house functionality.

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