Creating a new identity for a company with a bold vision for tomorrow's financial markets.


Snowball is a purpose-built B-Corp committed to helping investors use their money to shape a better world. A common misconception is that you need to choose between planet or profit. But you can have both. Snowball manages a diversified fund that delivers competitive returns, whilst being thoughtful stewards of people and nature.


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Transforming perceptions within the investment sector

Snowball struggled with investors perceiving the old brand identity as a start up. To take the company to the next phase of expansion, they needed a new distinctive brand identity and marketing site.

After our initial strategy sessions, we quickly learnt that Snowball shared our vision to push beyond what is expected for the majority of investment and financial companies.

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Forget the financial industry cliches

During the strategic research phase our team unearthed a sea of similar brands in the finance sector - brands with corporate blues and cliche stock imagery, none of which felt human or relatable.

Competitors in the sector all blended into one another, so the team carved out a new space for Snowball. Starting with a new proposition - world changing returns.

Unlike its competitors, being honest and transparent about its portfolio is central to Snowball’s approach. Taking this value of transparency as a starting point, we developed a colour system to represent the key focus areas of the projects that snowball supports. Taking cues from vibrant colours found within nature, the snowball palette not only reflects its portfolio, but sets it apart from its monotone, predictable competitors.

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UI Design

Clear messaging and visual harmony

A key challenge of the website was conveying Snowball’s mission in a clear and succinct, yet visually engaging way. The site needed to communicate the positive impact of Snowball’s investments, as well as their financial returns. Pairing project photography, stats and wire-frame illustrations, we crafted a graphic language to convey this crucial balance of impact and returns.

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UI Design

Redefining the transparency of investment portfolios

A key goal of the new site was to showcase the portfolio, giving users an unobstructed view of where money is being invested. Opting for transparency over secrecy, Snowball’s approach is a departure from the covert traditions of most investment firms.

Through statistics, project photography and founder interviews, the portfolio gives prospective investors everything they need to make informed decisions about their investments.

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