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Specialising in software and systems integration, Rowden Technologies exists to provide cutting-edge technological solutions for government-run organisations. Rowden unlocks the technological potential of the public sector, ensuring those on the frontline have access to the best engineering solutions possible.


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Revolutionizing public sector procurement

Eager to create a website that better showcased their pioneering presence within public sector procurement, Rowden approached NB. The goal was to create a site that communicated their expertise and technology offering in a way that was both visually appealing and easy to navigate. Much like the nature of Rowden’s work, the site needed to feel slick and efficient, whilst leaving a lasting impression on its users.

UI Design

A streamlined and structured experience

With content carefully structured upon the grid, precise layouts guide users seamlessly through the site. Animated lines and code-like text interactions keep the user engaged whilst evoking a technical aesthetic that immerses the user in Rowden’s digital world. This dynamic design allows users to not only learn about Rowden's services, but also experience their brand identity in a captivating and memorable way.

UI Design

Visualising the intangible

Rowden's technology offering comprises complex systems and processes that are challenging to represent visually, as is typical of engineering concepts. In close collaboration with the Rowden team, we developed a unique visual language that conveys these abstract and intricate concepts in a clear and accessible manner.

The result was a series of 3D animations that embody the precise and technical nature of Rowden's work through structured isometric compositions. Flourished with numerical elements, crosses, and grids, the illustrations resemble some of the real-life software that Rowden engineers for front-line users.

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