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Planting trees, saving the planet


MyTrees is a monthly tree-planting subscription that funds reforestation across four of the world’s most important natural habitats: Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, and Peru. The bigger your monthly contribution, the more trees you’ll save and the more you’ll contribute to conservation in these key areas. And if that wasn’t enough, subscribers are also entered into weekly cash prize draws.

Tree-planting subscription

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UI Design

A visual experience

So users could fully understand the long- and short-term impacts of their subscription with MyTrees, we integrated conservation case studies and climate impact dashboards into the design. This included a growing number of trees on your dashboard the longer your subscription runs, and your increased odds of winning cash rewards.

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Mission accomplished

Working with MyTrees was the dream – not only do they do good, but they provide great insights about their brand, too. Thanks to this, we were able to make their simple, beautiful ideas even easier to understand. It’s too early to present the data just yet, but we’re sure these changes will help MyTrees to develop an even stronger brand that attracts more subscribers, increases brand equity, and sets them up for scaling their business in the future.

3D design by Guillaume Kurkdjian.

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