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In 2022, GSK reshaped their entire business, and with it launched a new brand identity in collaboration with Wolff Olins.

Wolff Olins reached out to us to co-develop a digital experience that would help them to deliver against their ambition of engaging GSK's global workforce with a new vision for the company's working standards and principles called ‘The Code’.

GSK were not just launching a new identity, they were re-establishing the purpose of their company, their voice, and their culture. Engaging their own workforce with this new vision for GSK would be vital to successfully launching the brand.

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Bringing a global workforce together under a shared purpose

GSK developed a new code of conduct for their employees, and from here a creative vision for ‘The Code’ began to emerge. We collaborated with Wolff Olins to visualise and prototype an immersive experience that guided users through the commitments GSK would make to their staff, customers and stakeholders, and in turn, the commitments they asked their employees to make.

We designed and built an scrollytelling website that immersed employees in the company’s new purpose, strategy, voice and culture and encouraged them to commit to joining them in their new ambition to drive innovation for patients, shareholders and GSK people.

‘The Code' became an integral part of how GSK would communicate their vision and measure their success through the number of people that signed their name digitally within the web experience. It played a key role at the global launch event to show off the new visual identity, establish the company’s renewed purpose, and encourage employees to commit to being a part of it.

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26 languages, one accessible solution

The GSK workforce is made up of over 69,000 people spread across more than 80 markets across the world. Employees work in offices, labs, and on the road and GSK needed a way to bring them all together to be part of the launch of the new business vision. ‘The Code’ was integral to achieving this.

Due to the nature of the information, as well as a diversity of working locations across the workforce, the technical solution had to deliver a consistent front-end experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, a CMS that could facilitate 26 translations for every piece of content, and a level of accessibility compliance that met GSK’s high standards for inclusion.

The front-end then needed to integrate with the GSK single-sign-on service in order to allow users to sign in and commit to The Code in real-time. Doing this added their name to an ever-growing list of individuals that had made their commitment to working to the new set of standards.

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Creating a sense of unity and employee alignment

Once GSK employees have familiarised themselves with the new code of conduct, they are invited to sign their name on an impressive list that draws inspiration from DNA strands.

Signing up to the list provides a sense of participation for employees across the globe, as they become an integral part of the company's radical shift. The list was expertly crafted to instill a sense of pride and belonging in each and every employee who signs it.

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