The world’s leading breast cancer technology company makes waves across the healthcare sector

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Endomag has grown from an academic research project into a global company over the past decade. A clear mission underpins the work they do - to improve the global standard of cancer care.

Endomags technologies make better cancer care possible by helping women with breast cancer avoid surgery when it isn’t needed, and experience better outcomes when it is.

Each year 2 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer and most will undergo some form of surgery. Endomag make that experience better.

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A powerhouse of products reimagined

Neverbland was brought in to help introduce a new range of Endomag products to market in a way that showcased the new features in a new and engaging way. We collaborated with the clients through a number of workshops to fully understand the technologies and how Endomag help patients and surgeons improve the standards of cancer care across the world.

Neverbland created a series of product videos alongside external agency, Affixius. Our team made storyboards, style frames, and art directed the creative and ensured the assets were optimised and implemented into a web-ready format. Finding the sweet spot between high quality assets and a website that performed well was an important aspect to the vision.

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UX Design

Reorganising resources and building to scale

As an educational tool and marketing channel, the website required an approach that catered to both patients and surgeons.

The website required a UX audit and a new way to architect the mixture of product pages, clinical data, resource downloads, videos, articles, and more. We created a modular design system allowing the company to create custom landing pages, as well as producing a site that is scalable, consistent, easily maintained, and fully AAA accessibility compliant.

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The new Endomag site truly stands out in the med tech sector. Challenging norms and cliches stood at the heart of the brief. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for a company with such a bold vision and fantastic purpose.
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Ralph Peskett

Design Director, Neverbland

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