F*ck that’s delicious!




What’s the most important detail of a wedding?

It’s not the church, the dress, the speeches, how much wedge is behind the bar or even the DJ.

It’s bacon sandwiches.

Bacon sandwiches, at midnight.

Overlooked by amateurs, bacon sandwiches are the marque of a professional.

The joy of seeing them arrive is comparable only to the misery of their absence.

Piggy, carby, saucy blotting paper — the only thing standing between All The Single Ladies and the bleakest hangover this side of Boxing Day.

Food as an afterthought is just fuel. Considerate catering on the other hand, can be the main event.

Perhaps this is what Hugo and Digby had in mind when they dreamed up Feast It — the platform being hailed as AirBnB for food trucks, and a great brand for a digital product studio like ours to get our teeth into.

Bored of hunting down and comparing individual food trucks online, they pictured a sexy, intuitive e-commerce platform that would connect food truck suppliers directly to clients, B2B and B2C.

We made it.

Birthdays, Bar Marvitzvahs, festivals…Whatever the occasion. Simply sign up, select your cuisine, choose your date, book your vendor. Tacos, meatballs, burgers, gyoza. Bacon sandwiches.

You’re done in three clicks.

We delivered

Branding, typography, art direction and illustrations.

A CMS driven web application with simple, intuitive filtering and search functions, details on all the vendors, and the ability to register, book, and complete payment.

We built a Single Page Application utilising the React framework combined with Redux for state management, along with a BEM flavoured SASS approach for our styles.

The backend is powered by Node running an Express server, an SQL database, using Stripe integration for payment and the Contentful API for the blog.

Faster than Bolt off the blocks and fully scalable as the business grows, we’ll be working with Feast It on post MVP iterations.

Bone apple tea.

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