Paul McCartney: the man,
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Ralph Peskett

Ralph Peskett


Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney.

A household name; a legend; the epitome of a bonafide rock star.

Sir James Paul McCartney hails from humble beginnings in Liverpool. His music career had modest roots too, as Paul joined his first band with friends he met at a summer Fete in Woolton. The band, named The Quarrymen, quickly invited Paul to be their rhythm guitarist and made music heavily influenced by jazz, blues, rock and folk music.

By August 1960, The Quarrymen had evolved to become future legends, a.k.a The Beatles. It was during this time that Paul bonded with John Lennon, before welcoming Ringo Starr and George Harrison into the fold.

It didn’t take long for Beatlemania to set in. A mass infatuation with the band spread across the world, as people everywhere became hysterically obsessed with these teenage boys. The Beatles remained at the front and centre of our pop culture for a decade, before breaking up in 1970. To this day, The Beatles remain the most iconic boy band of all time.

“Any group having to follow [the Beatles’] success would have a hard job. I found myself in that very position. However, it was a choice between going on or finishing, and I loved music too much to think of stopping.” – Paul McCartney in Wingspan: Paul McCartney’s Band on the Run by Mark Lewisohn, 2002.

After being in the most successful boy band the world has ever known, where do you even go?

If you’re Paul McCartney, you build yourself one of the most successful rock and roll careers of all time. From forming Wings in 1972, an incredible solo career in 1991 and then venturing into the art world in 2000 – the man did it all.

So imagine doing all of that without an online archive to showcase your talent. Seems ridiculous, right? That’s where Neverbland stepped in.

As a digital product studio we helped rebrand, reimagine and redesigned his web presence so that Sir Paul finally had a website worthy of a superstar. The original site had been created long ago, on a now legacy framework that lacked the flexibility to meet the demands of almost daily content updates. As such it was becoming more and more difficult to navigate and manage. Aesthetically and functionally it wasn’t a worthy digital hub for a national treasure. it had fallen out of touch. 

The new site is intended to be a visual work of art that takes you on an intimate narrative exploration of Paul’s life. The new website will remain timeless – with its bespoke design and eco-conscious build, will remain innovative and relevant for years to come.

Finally, Paul McCartney has a website worthy of his legendary status. But don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself. 

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