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Empowering parents and teachers to develop children into confident young adults.

Tooled Up Education is on a mission to give every parent and teacher the tools they need to develop children into young adults who are confident, self-sufficient and full of self-worth.

They do this by providing educational organisations with access to evidence-based resources on wellbeing, mental health and behaviour. As more people have engaged with the importance of wellbeing, TooledUp were contacted by more, different types of organisations and started preparing to open up their resource library to a broader audience.


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Measure twice, build once

Before they could expand, TooledUp needed to invest in their platform, which was not equipped to support another period of growth. The technology had become limiting due to poor performance and a lack of scalability. On top of that, new user types were bound to come with new feature requirements that the platform simply couldn’t meet.

Due to the new system needing to be up and running by the start of the school year, when lots of new educational organisations would be onboarded, we needed to adopt an MVP mindset to come up with the best approach to updating and replacing parts of the system that unlocked the most value.

In addition to this, we formulated a plan for data migration, which would involve bringing all users and resources across while keeping the reporting capabilities in operation, which form a key part of the insight generation that TooledUp provides to their partners. Since TooledUp had an established business, already supporting and helping real users, we needed to come up with an implementation approach that did not have an impact on business as usual.We had a plan, and a three-month window to execute it.

Web Development

The right tools for the job

We decided to build Tooled Up’s platform using a combination of Next.js, Sanity, Clerk and Algolia, with hosting provided by Vercel. Critically, this setup was chosen to support sustained business growth as well as short-term traffic spikes, solving fundamental issues with the previous setup.

It comes complete with a gated content system that provides access to users based on their authentication status, user role and which organisations their account is linked to. As part of this project, we successfully completed a large-scale data migration from Wordpress (users and content) without impacting business as usual and implemented powerful content engagement reporting to ensure continuity and expansion of analytical capabilities.

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