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PHASE Worldwide is one of our valued charity partners who work tirelessly to support women and children in remote regions of Nepal. Not only do PHASE provide women with valuable farming resources, but they also empower women with nutritional knowledge to help them feed their families and even install local healthcare infrastructures to improve their quality of life. In 2021, they applied to be part of the UK Government Aid Match campaign and were fortunate enough to be accepted.

The charity had set itself a target of raising £100,000 in just three months, which would support 1,000 women and their families in Nepal for the following year. They quickly leapt into action and launched their Start Strong UK Aid Match Appeal in March 2021. PHASE realised that to raise such a large sum in such a short period of time during the pandemic, they would have to transform their digital campaign to engage a wider audience.

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PHASE came to us for a helping hand to help deliver a digital marketing strategy and plan. We worked backwards; first determining how many people they would have to reach with engaging content to achieve their goals to convert into donations, then building a custom digital campaign to deliver this.

The digital marketing campaign was activated alongside a digital sales funnel, allowing us to pinpoint exactly where to invest content. Our funnel guided the consumer through different stages: starting with an awareness of the charity, then educating the consumer on PHASE’s mission, before finally resulting in a donation to the cause. But most importantly we focused on loyalty mechanics for the next campaign raise, ensuring that we retained any consumer and their generous donation.

In any great campaign, you need fresh creative content to keep people engaged, especially over three months. The PHASE team blended the art and science of digital campaigning beautifully across the three-month appeal. PHASE’s digital team in Bristol executed the whole campaign daily, checking the success of donations, and correcting the course if things nudged slightly off.

The campaign worked across paid, social and digital PR, including personalities such as Brian Blessed and events like their virtual race from London to Kathmandu.

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By the end of the campaign, we found that 306 people donated to PHASE’s worthwhile cause. This is around 2% of the total 15,300 who were estimated to have interacted with the campaign, whilst a total of 204,000 people were reached.

We had projected that our digital marketing plan would raise PHASE £32,000, but we were thrilled to discover that the strategy raised an impressive £51,000. By the time the campaign came to an end, we had surpassed PHASE’s original target: raising a whopping £128,000. Every penny of that profit has since been spent on improving the lives of vulnerable Nepalese women and their families.

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