Fuelling a food system revolution based around a very simple, yet immensely powerful ethos: flavour first.

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Natoora made their name connecting London’s most pioneering chefs with a community of growers and producers.

Word spread quickly, as leading restaurants recognised the value of being led by the seasons to select and serve the best produce. Natoora gradually became the go-to wholesaler for London’s biggest names.

As consciousness around the impact of our food choices moved into the mainstream, Natoora took on the challenge of shifting the habits that underpin our food system beyond just chefs and restaurants.

Inspired by the home delivery revolution created by the pandemic, where they delivered to over 2,000 London homes, Natoora decided to expand their business by opening up access to their local produce chains through a direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform.

Sector/Food & Beverage

Credits/Brand & UI/Justified Studio

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A model strong enough to rival the dominant, yield-driven supply chains.

As part of launching their D2C offering, Natoora needed to define a unique eCommerce solution that could support and be supported by the local food chains they had established around the globe.

Neverbland's solution combined CommerceLayer with a React front-end and Sanity CMS. CommerceLayer allowed us to integrate our site with Natoora’s complex fulfilment system. We then implemented an entirely bespoke subscription system that allowed Natoora to serve online customers an entirely different set of options based on the granular complexities represented by each locale and market.

A season planner tool also helps customers understand what’s available in early, peak, or late season at any given time.

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Locale-friendly, feature-rich, and a fully flexible CMS.

Natoora now has the ultimate flexibility when creating content for the website with a custom page builder. Pages can be quickly created and edited in the CMS using drag and drop components.

On top of that, we made sure to include a fully integrated internationalisation workflow with CodeGen and Sanity. This allows Natoora to easily switch and edit content within each locale from the Sanity CMS, including content for the checkout flow, account, and email communications. The CMS interface also features a tokenised preview of translated text to offer further visibility to translators.

Everything is managed in one place enabling the team full control per market and full visibility over operations.

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