TikTok achieves stellar attendance metrics.

Sam Wilkinson

Sam Wilkinson


TikTok has been busy marketing a new digital product – B2B channel, called TikTok for Business. It’s purpose is to help brands partners to create content with digital creators, and purchase and track ad performance thus measuring their return on investment.

Without Covid the launch would have been very different for this platform, but a little ingenuity and creativity circumvented the limitations the pandemic created.

Like the rest of the world – everything went online and so all their event content needed to be delivered differently. This meant all filming, casting, production, invites and event management had to be delivered remotely.

The first project launched was the very successful TikTok Tutorials project which we worked with social creative studio OK COOL to deliver. This was not the only great project TikTok were busy creating and across the following months three more innovative projects would be launched.

We were fortunate to be asked to take part in the next three projects after the success of the first.

For the next project TikTok hosted their first online summit called TikTok Global Gaming Gathering in June 2020.

The event was live streamed to an audience of game app advertisers. They created video content covering creator collaborations, branding opportunities, user acquisition and success stories on the platform.

The purpose of the event was to inform partners and showcase that TikTok is ready technically and commercially to deliver standout advertising opportunities with the gaming industry.

Neverbland were asked to design and build the website which the attendees used to register and attend the event.

The second project involved the event website streaming a mix of live and pre-recorded content to help inform various TikTok customers including media agencies, creative/influencer agencies,, retail, beauty, gaming, tech and SME’s. TikTok wanted a survey and swag claim form, and a call to action to contact TikTok at the end.

The events were in five markets – UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany with 12 events in total.

The site was gated and content was in five languages. Only registered users could enter the site (via an API integration with TikTok’s event management system) to view the content and claim merchandise.

In the last project TikTok for Business US team wanted to run events in their backyard.

Their target audiences were Clients – Marketing and brand teams at key advertisers, small and medium sized businesses who don’t necessarily have marketing teams, Media agencies – planning, activation, content and digital teams, and Creative agencies – planners, creatives, designers.

Similar to the UK, only registered users could enter the site (via an API integration with TikTok’s event management system) to view the content and claim merchandise.

After the event OK COOL edited the videos which were added to the ‘archived event’ on the website.

This website was coined the Event hub as the content remained on the site after the event. It is populated with some great material below.






Although we are unable to share individual event performance it is fair to say TikTok achieved stellar metrics across the four projects.

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