The official Neverbland gift guide 2023

Izzy Payne

Izzy Payne


‘Tis the season for gifting!

We put together a little gift guide just for you. Aren’t we nice? We’ve got everything covered from festive bevs to the ‘new year, new me’ gym memberships.

For the self-care pro

Winter = self-care season. I don’t make the rules, but I sure make the most of them. Here’s what to buy that person who loves to look after themselves.

WIT fitness

WIT Fitness is the new go-to destination for the gym-obsessed. They’re an industrial-chic store specialising in trend-conscious gym clothing and accessories for both men and women. So if your mate hangs out in the weight section more than with you, this is where to go to buy them something they’ll really love.


If dressing for the gym isn’t hardcore enough for your giftee, then BLOK is what you give them. BLOK is an award-winning fitness studio for all levels. They offer over 20 different classes, designed to create an exciting and sustainable way to work out. With their 10-class trial, your mate could dabble in everything from meditative yoga and vinyasa to boxing and callisthenics in one month. Your mate can get shredded or ultra zen and you’d be to thank. Pretty sick right?


If your self-care king/queen isn’t into the gym, then maybe a skincare would do the trick. Vive skincare is infused with CBD, harnessing its powerful anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin concerns like ageing, eczema, psoriasis, and even itchiness and redness. Shop their bundles here!

For the Christmas tipple lover

Not to toot our own horn but we’ve worked with some pretty amazing beverage brands recently (toot toot). Here’s what you should buy for the giftee who knows their mixology.

Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder does more than just good whisky - they break the rules! Check out their Smokey Monkey, a rich and woody take on the Original Monkey, or if your giftee is rebellious, get them a bottle of Fresh Monkey - a unique mix of three spirits offering the freshness and versatility of a light rum but with a delicate malty finish.

Bone Idyll

If whisky isn’t their thing, then Bone Idyll might just tick your person’s boxes. This London-born drinks company specialises in making punchy gins and vodkas, as well as small-batch pre-mixed cocktails. My favourite is the margarita, but their Bone-Dry Gin is a real winner if your giftee is a lover of the classics.


MOTH has absolutely smashed the premium pre-mixed mixology game. Their bread and butter, on tequila and lime in this case, is creating high-calibre pre-mixed cocktails that are ready to drink whenever, wherever. So if your giftee is a little challenged when it comes to making and shaking their own cocktails, do them (and everyone else) a favour and gift them a set of MOTH’s cocktail crackers, or their Hosting and Toasting bundle.

For the trendy one

We’ve all got that one person in our lives who is just too cool for school (and if you can’t think of them…it might be you. Congrats!) For the person that has their finger on the button of every trend, here’s what you should get them.


Everpress specialise in making just the coolest t-shirts from independent designers. If your person would rather be caught dead than wearing the same thing as you, then Everpress is the place to shop. Independent creatives design and upload their artwork to Everpress for people to pre-order. So not only are you guaranteed to buy something unique, but you’re also shopping sustainably and avoiding the plague that is fast fashion.


Has your mate just moved into a new house? Does your mum live on Pinterest? Does your sibling have an interior design individuality complex?  Look no further than Lick. With sustainability and community as their driving force, Lick aims to create a people-powered decorating movement that does good and looks good too. They’ve also done some major collaborations in the last year. Our favourites are their collabs with Soho House - so you can feel like you’re there even if can’t afford the membership - and their collab with Heinz - the one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring Heinz Tomato Ketchup into your home like never before.

For the foodie

Does your loved one LOVE good eats and festive feasts? Here’s what I’d get your giftee with great taste.


Natoora is the new go-to greengrocer. Specialising in selling high-quality, seasonal produce only, Natoora prioritises flavour first. Trust us when we say that these guys only sell the best (our office loves the Peak Season boxes so we’re qualified to say that). It started in local food markets and has since sprouted into a category-defining produce provider, and it thrives over the festive season. Their Festive Afters box has everything from cheese to chocolate to fruits and fizz, making Afters anything but an afterthought. It’s a great gift for a loved one...or for yourself. No judgement from us.

If you’re looking for something smaller, Natoora’s cheese selection box, provisions box or even their leafy clementine box for a festive treat. Oh, and of course their epic Panettone. But that goes without saying.


Have a mate that loves good eats, but can’t cook to save their life? You know, the type to burn pasta if they tried making a spag bowl. Well if you do, a STOCKED subscription might just be the best thing for them. Highly nutritious and delicious, these frozen meal prep heroes are packed with flavour. STOCKED specialises in making convenient food completely customisable, for the busy foodie or the culinarily challenged food newb.


Now this one is special. B!POD is the solution to food waste, plastic waste and the ever-rising cost of living crisis. B!POD is a vacuum-lock system that empowers the user with a powerful handheld vacuum to seal their food in bespoke containers. This prolongs the shelf life of food by up to five times, reduces personal plastic waste by up to 5kg and even speeds up the marination process to maximise the flavour of your food. It’s an investment that pays off fast.

For the one who…actually, I have no idea

There is always one who has no clue what they want, or who claims they don’t want anything this year. Spoiler alert - they do. You just don’t get to know what. This one goes out to all my annoyingly difficult giftees or even your office Secret Santa - no one is going to want to return these gifts.


Vinny boxes are a great shout for the tricky person on your list. Vinny sells everything including everything from tea bags and candles to books and biscuits. Their gift boxes are the star of the show and basically, guarantee to please even the fussiest giftee.


Now if you’re really stuck, instead of spending £50 on a Wowcher experience day that they’ll never redeem, organise a trip to our favourite kind of sports bar - Clays. Clays Bar offers a unique experience with interactive, indoor clay target shooting, fabulous cocktails and insanely good food. They offer some pretty great festive packages too. Book yourself and your giftee a treat this Christmas with Clays.

You're welcome.

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