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A study conducted in 2020 by the British Journal of Psychiatry found that the number of young adults dealing with anxiety and lower mental well-being doubled as a result of the pandemic. If that wasn’t bad enough, the UK charity Mind reports that 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health problem each year, whilst 1 in 6 people find mental health issues to be a daily occurrence. Pandemic aside, it’s clear that there is a mental well-being crisis amongst young people.

The consumption of alcohol and drugs make for a potent self cocktail of self-medicating mental health issues. But why are we constantly seeking to numb ourselves with alcohol and caffeine in particular, instead of elevating our consciousness with an alternative functional beverage?

The concept of consuming a product that affects your mood is baffling. Sure, a hot choc on a winter’s day would perk me up, or a pint after a long week at work could put a smile on my face. But to drink something that has active ingredients to encourage an improved mentality? Seems a little far fetched.

Peak has bridged the gap between the imagined and our reality.

Ben and Louie have been friends since secondary school but as time ticked on, they drifted apart, as most people do. Their lives diverged in two different directions, as Louie became the creative director of an international CBD brand whilst Ben went on to create an established finance career with Goodwood. 

After years apart, their paths converged once more, and they rekindled their friendship after a chance encounter.

Louie is a neuro-divergent person, who has suffered from self-medicating his often trying symptoms for years. He found common ground with ben once more as they both shared a disdain for social pressures surrounding alcohol.

They found themselves pondering the question: why do we drink alcohol day in and day out when we could be drinking something to unlock our peak potential?

And just like that, they found their concept.

The beverage market is a fickle thing, with so many smaller products falling by the wayside without a second glance from the consumer. Ben and Louie spent a year researching and developing their product before they finally created the product we know and love:


The functional beverage market is oversaturated with CBD or THC infused drinks, all claiming to mellow you out at the first sip. Peak is here to fill a gap in the market. Instead of chilling you out, Peak Rise is here to stimulate your creativity and hike up your productivity levels. Peak is capturing a whole generation by fuelling an era of creativity and conscious thinking.

After a year of market research, building their company and perfecting the product, Peak joined forces with Neverbland – an award-winning digital production agency based in London. Neverbland has provided Peak with expert advice from industry experts and key brand core development to help Peak rise to the top.

Since its launch Peak has garnered national press and gained nationwide distribution and listings with key retailers; including an exclusive partnership with Gorillas and supplying all Planet Organic stores.

Stay tuned to watch Peak take over the planet with its groundbreaking creative ideology.

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