The Bullring Club in full swing

Rog Harrison

Rog Harrison


Last week we were lucky enough to attend a virtual digital startup pitching event called The Bullring Club. This monthly event showcases several exciting, pre-qualified digital companies seeking investment, pitching their businesses in front of a panel of leading business figures.

The name bullring conjures up an exciting, heart thumping, show like, intimidating atmosphere, but The Bull Ring Club has all the excitement without the intimidation. The entrepreneurs present to a group of supportive bulls in front of a friendly audience with everyone willing them on to succeed. 

Don’t get me wrong the entrepreneurs feel under pressure with the charismatic B.D. Dalton tenaciously time keeping as they present, but his enthusiasm and passion for startups to succeed is infectious. Unlike other pitching dens the business leaders who are being pitched to encourage the startups with good advice and insight.

At our first Bullring Club four great digital product businesses presented. The first was Wotch which is a social video sharing platform which has an electrifying way of remunerating creative talent. The second was Hi.erd which connects skills tradespeople to their customers. The third My Nexus which is approaching the raising of money in a fascinating data driven, algorithmic manner. The fourth was Invest My Community which is the first digital fundraising platform dedicated to community organisations. 

At the end of each pitch there is feedback from the Bulls and the audience get to vote on the efficacy of the business idea and investment opportunity via a simple succinct online form – timed of course by B.D. This all adds to the engagement and pace of the event.

The next BullRing Club is on the 18th Feb 2021 and whether you are a digital startup looking for funding or wanting to find out about the varied, creative and innovative businesses that have recently been born – it’s worth dialling in.

Hold onto your seats though as B.D. Dalton manages the bulls, startups & crowd like a beautifully choreographed matador.

Photo by Richard Gatley

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