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Bristol to Base Camp (BTBC) is a campaign organised by the Bristol-based Charity PHASE Worldwide, and two of our team are embarking on this amazing journey for this unique cause.

PHASE, which stands for Practical Help Achieving Self-Empowerment, was founded in 2005. They have raised millions of pounds in aid of women and children in remote Nepalese regions, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to unlock a better quality of life.

The Bristol to Base Camp campaign does exactly what it says on the tin. PHASE organises for groups of people to embark on an expedition, taking them from the charity’s home in Bristol to Everest Base Camp. The journey takes 20 days, and is a really ‘once in a lifetime’ sort of experience.

Two of our own Neverblanders, Ryan Gledhill and Alex Chiu, will be embarking on this magnificent journey with PHASE in March 2023. Part of the beauty of this experience is that you need to fundraise money in order to be a part of the BTBC team. Neverbland has partnered with PHASE multiple times over the years to raise money for their good causes, but this is the first time that two of our team are taking part in this adventure.

“I’ve never done anything like this before – I’ve done some hiking around the lake district but nothing on this scale. It’s a real adventure for a great cause!"


The sum of £5,364 (one pound for every meter climbed) must be raised before the expedition begins. This covers the cost of their flights, food, permits and accommodation. This money will also support PHASE Worldwide’s vital work in Nepal and help to change the lives of thousands of vulnerable families in remote communities.

“This will be a huge challenge, but being able to go over to Nepal and see the work PHASE is doing and how our money is helping will make it all worthwhile.”


PHASE’s work supports women and children in remote regions of Nepal. The majority of people in these rural areas of Nepal don’t have secure access to food year round, and rarely have access to healthcare. These conditions mean that mothers struggle to feed themselves as well as their children, and often give birth alone in treacherous conditions.

PHASE provides mothers with the resources to build polytunnels for offseason farming, as well as improved seeds for better crops that will grow better in the harsh weather conditions and new farming equipment. As well as physical resources, PHASE runs workshops to share their knowledge of nutrition so that mothers can use their farmed produce to better feed their families.

This fundraising effort is more than just a special trip for two of our team. The BTBC expedition is an incredibly physical challenge, that will push Ryan and Alex to their limits in aid of a worthy cause.

In Ryan’s words: “It’s difficult to sit here and ask people to donate money at this current time of financial difficulty and uncertainty. However, if you are in a position to be able to spare a bit of loose change and donate to the cause, it would be highly appreciated.”

Find out more about the Bristol to Base Camp expedition here.

Ryan’s donation page

Alex’s donation page

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