Revolutionary redecorating: a look at Lick




Lick is the online store dedicated to refreshing your home with unique wallpapers, blinds and their main product: paint.

Lick revolutionised the way we redecorate our homes. The paints are meticulously designed to provide their customers with stylish interiors that won’t fall prey to the vicious micro trend cycle we’re seeing in fast fashion interiors. 

Gone are the days of picking up 10 pots of paint and letting your house become a mosaic mural. Lick uses tester stickers, allowing you to peel off and move your samples to really experiment with your new aesthetic. Rather than scouring through hundreds of paint swatches, Lick is here to make your choice simple and affordable. Their tester stickers are a fraction of the price of standard paint pots, which is really spoiling the more indecisive ones among us.

It’s not just the aesthetics of this paint that’s desirable, Lick created a super durable formula that promises to be mark resistant. It’s low in odours, but high in colour intensity, meaning you have to use fewer coats and your house will smell a little better after decorating.

Lick came to Neverbland needing an e-commerce website just as cool as their product. At the time, only 4.5% of paint sales occurred online, which meant that they needed a website that really made their products shine against their competitors. The founders of Lick set out to disrupt the industry and create a new age decor company that delivers straight to your doorstep, and Neverbland were there to facilitate that goal.

Unlike their competitors, Lick’s website is designed for the best user experience. As well as being a great e-commerce website its an immersive brand experience. You can choose to shop by what room you’re decorating, by what style you’re going for, and even the mood you’re trying to create in your space. Feeling like you want your lounge to evoke a calm and relaxing vibe? Lick has curated thoughtful colour collections to suit all your decorating needs.

Aside from their physical products, Lick offers expert advice on their website through their online magazine or their virtual colourist appointments. These appointments cost £75 for 30 minutes with a Lick colourist. You get a video call with an expert so that they can get a real feel for your space, then a custom made mood board is created for you featuring the perfect colour palette for the rooms in question. If you’re struggling to find your colour scheme, these appointments are a great way to create a bespoke palette for your space.

It’s not just the paint that’s stylish, the vehicle in which it comes in. The Lick cans are designed to excite and please the consumer’s aesthetic needs and have become somewhat iconic. Reminiscent of vintage petrol cans, the lick tins appeal to the trendy millennial decorator. I know we were taught not to judge a book by its cover, but the first impressions of a lick can of paint are just as enticing as the colour inside.

While other new businesses fell prey to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lick thrived. They capitalised on the consumer’s limitless free time and extensive boredom whilst enduring the endless covid lockdowns. When you had nothing better to do than sit and watch paint dry, Lick was there to entice you with their sleek website, no commitment testers and colour palettes you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Since their post-pandemic rise to household name status, Lick has since entered the US market where they have continued to grow. Everyone, regardless of their postcode, wants their house to look and feel great. Our interiors are almost an extension of ourselves, or a reflection of our personality if you will. So if your house is feeling drab and dull, you’re not going to be feeling fresh either. 

Spice up your life and your interiors with Lick. Find out more here. If you are wanting to create a world class e-commerce website or a digital product we are always here to help.

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