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Here at Neverbland, we are proud to have worked with such a wide variety of businesses. From small startups to big blue-chip brands, our client list is pretty varied and extensive. One of the types of businesses we often partner with is pharmaceutical companies.

We are proud to have worked with several pharma companies and organisations in recent years across internal and external digital projects.  Some of these have been driven by their HR function, others by their commercial teams, but all of them were incredible projects to be a part of. Each project demonstrates how digital products can be an enabler to either facilitate insight, create empathy with patient symptoms, or empower sufferers with information to relieve symptoms.

Our work with Bayer

When this project was first commissioned by the HR Bayer’s HR team, their senior management cohort was heavily skewed towards white Western men. The objective of the digital project was to help uncover any potential subconscious racial or gender hiring bias that may be held by the senior team and bring it to their attention where relevant when recruiting.

The digital test was based on quickly clicking several images against different statements the timed responses to which were clinically proven to detect bias. If any bias was generated from the test training was provided to help managers eliminate potential discrimination from future hiring decisions.

We built a product with great UX that delivered a test that allowed the HR team to determine if there was any subconscious bias.

Our work with Boehringer Ingelheim

Think Act Breathe was an award-winning campaign for Boehringer Ingelheim, designed to raise awareness of the impact of asthma on patients' lives and encourage sufferers to seek medical attention if their symptoms had worsened. Many asthma sufferers are unaware of the improvements that recent drug developments have made, so we needed to create a product that enlightened and informed patients.

To successfully deliver the campaign’s message, we needed to dramatise the impact of asthma. We used a groundbreaking interactive video where the user was asked to blow into their microphone to remove the haze in the footage - viscerally highlighting how difficult this simple act can be for sufferers.

This was supplemented by a series of questions about the impact on their breathing of various activities, ranging from difficulty sleeping to exercise and housework, culminating in bespoke response-based recommendations.

Our work with Eular (European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology)

EULAR is one of the world’s leading Arthritis Charities, focusing most of its marketing around one key event: World Arthritis Day.

The product we created for EULAR was a multi-functional website, holding significant content for its users. Information for patients, families and healthcare providers covering various topics could be downloaded and shared from the site, empowering patients with the knowledge to help relieve arthritis symptoms.

Future pharma projects

We hope to work with more pharma companies in the future. It’s a tough industry, but our work helps you cut through the noise.

If your business needs levelling up, get in touch today.

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