Is AI coming for your job?

Izzy Payne

Izzy Payne


Artificial intelligence is everywhere. From shopping and socials to google maps, it’s clear that AI continues to seep into every facet of our digital lives. What’s really wild, I that most of the time we don’t notice it’s there. Most of the ‘useful functions’ of apps and websites that we love are powered by artificial intelligence.

As AI advances at pace, I think we’re all beginning to wonder if machines will eventually replace human workers. What was once a foreign concept stemming from science fiction has now become a potential reality. We’ve been conditioned to fear the robot revolution, yet we’re welcoming AI with open arms because it makes your online shopping a little more convenient.

With the rise of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of taking on tasks that were once considered exclusive to humans. I love my job, and I’m pretty good at it, but I’m starting to wonder: will AI make copywriters redundant?

The Pros of AI Copywriting

One of the biggest advantages of AI copywriting is speed. Machines can generate high-quality content at a much faster pace than humans. They can analyse large amounts of data, identify trends, and generate insights in mere seconds. Meanwhile, the human brain can often be stumped. Time taken up by research and development, editing or even the odd batch of writer's block can be eliminated by the use of AI. Humans are complex, technology is simple and fast. If you need content for a strict deadline, AI is a speedy solution.

AI can also be more consistent than us humans. Machines can follow a set of rules and stick to them without getting tired or making mistakes. This can result in a more uniform tone and style across all content produced, or even eliminating the occasional spelling or grammar mistake.

God. I feel like I’m writing my own termination letter here.

The Cons of AI Copywriting

However, there is some hope for us writers yet.

There are some significant drawbacks to relying solely on AI for copywriting. One of the biggest is the lack of creativity. While machines can generate content quickly and consistently, they cannot match the creativity and emotional depth that humans can bring to the table. Copywriting is not just about conveying information; it's also about telling a story and engaging the audience on an emotional level.

Another issue with AI copywriting is that it can lack nuance and context. Machines can only generate content based on the data they have been fed, often ignoring the subtleties of language, cultural references, or the specific needs of the audience. You could end up with an article that isn’t quite technically correct or even remotely engaging for the reader.

Take that, Ch*tGPT.

So, will AI replace me?

At the end of the day, I think It's unlikely that machines will completely take over the job of copywriting any time soon. While AI can be a useful tool for generating content quickly and consistently, it just can’t replace the creativity and emotional intelligence of us humans. Copywriting is a human-centric task that requires an understanding of the audience, a sense of empathy, and the ability to tell a story - all skills that machines can’t replicate.

Just because your job might be safe for the moment, let’s not neglect using AI to our advantage. Machines can analyse data, identify patterns, and generate insights that can inform the copywriting process. AI can also be used to automate certain tasks, such as proofreading and fact-checking, freeing up time for copywriters to focus on the more creative aspects of their job. Let’s be real, no one wants to be Blockbuster on the day that Netflix came out. Get on board with the latest technological trends, or fall behind the curve. AI is not the enemy…yet.

P.S. I used NotionAI to proofread this blog. Thanks, AI!

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