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Izzy Payne

Izzy Payne


We all know that Britain is not built to withstand a proper summer. Air Conditioning is an absolute myth over here, and your average person is very unlikely to have a pool in their garden. Not to mention that our buildings are designed to conserve precious heat at all costs because it was once a rare commodity. Nowadays, thanks to global warming, our Summertime reaches highs of thirty-something degrees Celsius.

Sweaty, sticky and somewhat unpleasant - British summertime is arguably a bit of a struggle for most of us. But there’s one shining beacon of hope and hops that offers refreshment, respite and relief from the heat: the Great British Pint.

Don’t get me wrong, I love an Aperol Spritz on a hot day as much as the next girl, but when you’re enduring a sticky summer heatwave in the UK, nothing hits quite the same as a pint on a sweltering day. And where are we drinking our pints? The pub, obviously.

UK pub culture is something of a marvel if you ask me. Walk down any street in London after 4 pm on a Thursday and you’ll be greeted by swarms of people fresh out of the office, all suited and booted, delighting in a pavement pint. And out of the capital, it’s the same story…if perhaps a little cheaper. It’s a culture that binds us together despite race, creed or county lines. The general populous can’t agree on much, but we Brits undeniably love pints and our pubs.

Our pubs are as rich in history as our pints are in flavour. Each pub, is a shrine to camaraderie, a temple to all things love and loss, and a sanctum to share laughter and tears. Each sip is a loving tribute to those who sank pints before us and a homage to those who will swig ‘em when we’re gone.

Pub culture is ingrained in us for good reason. Although ale was being brewed and consumed in the UK since the 1600s, the existence of pubs can be traced back to Roman times, circa 43ad, when taverns began to pop up alongside the construction of the vast network of Roman roads. But, it was the Anglo-Saxons that introduced the concept of an ‘alehouse’, which was really just perfecting the Roman method for communal drinking. These places quickly became spaces for social gatherings and community congregations, much like our pubs today.

And some 2000 years later, we still love a good pint. A study by Accor reported that beer is the drink that most Brits would choose above all others. We’d pick a pint over any cocktail, spirit or soft drink. That is commitment. Similarly, in a study conducted by Greene King, a whopping 80% of UK drinkers believe that cask ale is essential to the UK’s pub culture. The study demonstrated that despite changing times and ever-expanding drink menus, the humble ale remains at the centre of our drinking culture in the UK.

And what is the nation's favourite type of pint I hear you ask? You’ll be delighted to know that India Pale Ale’s are the most popular type of beer in the UK according to a 2022 study. Pale Ale’s hoppier sibling, The IPA has been loved by Brits since its conception in the 18th century. The original British brew, Pale Ale, is nipping at in heels in second place, and bitter as a close third...and it totally isn’t itself about that statistic at all.

The pint is the main character of any pub in the UK, the star ingredient of a recipe for a damn good time, a libation of true love. Each pint poured is a testament to our nation's brewing history. Each sip transcends mere consumption. It’s about tradition, friendship, and community…even if you’re on the 0%.

With Summer fast approaching and the bank holiday season nearly upon us, we wanted to shout out our newest partnership: Wye Valley Brewery. Since 1985, they have been producing the very best cask, keg and bottled beers, using the finest ingredients, while at the same time supporting the Great British institution that is fondly known as the 'pub'.

This brewery is the real deal. If you don’t know, get to know.

Our Neverblander’s favourites are:


A hoppy, hootenanny of a pale ale, this delectable libation is the perfect summer’s day pint. Light and refreshing with notes of citrus, sipping on a Fandango will transport you to a sunny beer garden no matter where you are.

1985 LAGER

1985 is a deliciously refreshing premium lager that boasts a moreish malty base, flecked with delicate floral notes. It’s cool, crisp and deliciously refreshing.

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