Equity in exchange for digital product services.

Rog Harrison

Rog Harrison


We have seen dramatic growth in recent months of digital startups approaching us with highly disruptive & compelling business ideas. Some have a well articulated unique proposition, some just a brand idea beautifully designed, others a great digital product idea, & some are well funded with a solid business plan.

For each of them however well they are funded, every penny of investment matters as they strive to create the best brand, unique proposition and digital product they can.

We would argue that the digital startup place is the most dynamic, creative and exciting place to be as many of these brands are rewriting the rule book in the categories in which they operate. As such it’s a great space to work in.

Many digital product design studios who want to work in this space are recognising that ability to stretch a budget is key in the startup space and as such are offering their services at significantly reduced rates for equity rather than cash. This trend has been game changing in terms of dramatically improving digital startups proposition, branding, communication and digital product build.

This trend is really exciting to see as it will in turn enhance the chance of success for these startups and therefore dramatically improve consumer experience across multiple categories, thus making a massive positive impact for all of us as consumers.

One great example of this thinking is strategic branding consultancy agency FutureKings who offer a bespoke programme for startups called Minimum Viable Brand Programme. This eight week programme allows startups to gain strategic input on their proposition and creative inspiration to sharpen their brand story ahead of launch. The output of this programme for a startup is truly compelling. 

Another great example is And Rising which do the same in the brand advertising space and really catapult their partners to heights that a blue chip would be proud of. 

As the digital startup space grows marketing service providers will have to test different business models if they want to engage with such an exciting community. The FutureKings and And Rising approaches are a good example of smart thinking.

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