BLOK gym – a melting pot of function, fashion and design




Covid-19 has changed the fitness industry in irrevocable ways. The prolonged lockdowns threatened gyms with the prospect of becoming obsolete. They had two options: adapt or die.

Gyms began to evolve their business models at break-neck speed. Online classes were rapidly filmed and uploaded for the new remote fitness junkie. For BLOK, it meant taking the artistry of the space and the functionality of the fitness classes and distilling them to create a uniquely BLOK online workout experience.

The pandemic forced us all to reevaluate our priorities. The ‘burn fat, get skinny’ rhetoric of your average fluorescently lit gym wasn’t relevant anymore. We needed to look at flexing our brains over our biceps and keeping our mental health at its peak. Your home work-out, be it an online fitness class or your daily lockdown walk, needed to be good for your body and your brain during these trying times.

In 2019, a mere 7% of consumers used live-streamed workouts. During COVID-19, this increased to over 80%. As well as this, 33% of consumers in communities with continued COVID-19 restrictions reported working out more, as people had more free time to do so. 

With this in mind, the need for gyms to expand into the digital world became increasingly urgent. Neverbland evolved BLOK’s online presence and allowed them to expand its brand onto a new successful platform. The job of a digital products studio is to bring the brand experience to life on line and challenge the boundaries to exceed the real life experience.

The interior of BLOK gym is a literal work of art. The space is a melting pot of function, fashion and design. The artistry of the studio was distilled into the brand from its formation by founders Max Oppenheim, Reema and Ed Stanbury.

Max Oppenheim’s background in fine art is the creative vein running through the space – BLOK oozes artistry from every concrete crevice. His photography clients include Burberry, Paul Smith and Stella McCartney. Ed Stanbury also leant an innovative eye to BLOK’s interiors. With Ed’s background in Design and construction coupled with Max’s photography career, it’s no wonder that BLOK’s interior is a mastery of brutalism and beauty.

Skincare and wellness products like MALIN+GOETZ are stocked on-site to amp up your self-care. BLOK cafe has got everything from sustainable coffee, matcha lattes and sumptuous smoothies packed with nutrients. It’s the sort of space you could happily spend a day in and feel fulfilled. Neverbland stepped in to help BLOK convey this unique fitness experience onto their online platform: BLOKtv.

To find out more about how we collaborated with BLOK please use the link.

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