B!POD: The anti-aging solution for your food

Izzy Payne

Izzy Payne


Food waste is rapidly becoming one of our world’s biggest issues. When we think of making more sustainable choices, we often leap to taking up cycling or installing solar panels in our homes. All too frequently we neglect to consider the issue of food waste when we’re trying to be a little greener.

This shouldn't be the case.

✔ The UK throws away 9.52 million tonnes of food per year

✔ This emits 25 million tonnes of CO2 – more than Kenya’s total annual emissions

✔ 40% of food produced globally goes to waste

The fact of the matter is that most CO2 emissions don’t come from you driving to your local supermarket or doing the school run, they come from a small number of massive corporations who refuse to think of the planet. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on thinking a little greener entirely. Every positive choice makes a positive impact on our planet’s fragile climate, and food waste reduction is one of the easiest ways to reduce our individual emissions.

Making better choices about your food consumption not only helps the planet but also helps your wallet. Investing in food waste solutions alleviates some of the struggles of the recent cost of living increase. As we’re spending so much more money on basic groceries, it's important to preserve the food we’re paying for. Ensuring that you’re not overbuying food with a shorter shelf life, and investing in food storage techniques that prolong the life of your produce could really improve the amount of food waste you produce. B!POD is the newest solution to our food waste problem.

B!POD is a revolutionary new technology that is changing the way we think about food waste. The system is designed to reduce waste and save money by helping people to store and use food more efficiently. The B!POD system uses a high-performance vacuum and rigid containers to preserve your food and ensure freshness for longer. The unique handheld vacuum, called DRO!D, is lightweight and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum suction.

The custom-designed containers are built to work seamlessly with vacuum technology, removing 95% of the air in the containers to ensure your food stays fresh for five times longer than usual. Moreover, using B!POD’s rigid containers, you can save up to 5kg of non-recyclable plastics per person, each year. Plus, the containers are made from ocean-bound plastics, retrieved from oceans and rivers before being chemically recycled into B!POD’s boxes.

The key to B!POD's success is its ability to help users use up their food before it goes bad. Not only does B!POD extend the life of produce, but they also give users helpful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of B!POD via their social media and website.

By helping people store, track and use their food more efficiently, B!POD is making an important contribution to the fight against food waste.

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