Running 6,000 miles to Kathmandu




We have recently started a partnership with Nepalese charity PHASE Worldwide who work with isolated communities in Nepal on health, education and livelihood projects. One of their patrons Rosie Swale Pope is a truly inspirational athlete. 

In 2003, aged 57, she began a five year run around the world, travelling 20,000 miles to raise awareness for the early diagnosis of cancer, and to raise funds for an orphanage in Kitezh, Russia. Rosie is the only person in the world to have completed this solo challenge unsupported, carrying all her belongings in her cart behind her.

Just before Covid she set off to run 6,000 miles from Brighton to Kathmandu to raise money for PHASE Worldwide and their charity work in Nepal. She got as far as Northern Turkey when she had to return home because of the pandemic. She will return to Turkey as soon as she can to continue her epic journey. In the meantime she ran Land’s End to John o’ Groats, unofficially the oldest person to do so.

Throughout her life Rosie has completed numerous marathons in some of the world’s most challenging terrains and has embarked upon many adventures including trekking across Chile on horseback and sailing across the globe in a small boat.

On Wed 31st March 2021, 8pm, Tough Girl Challenges will be teaming up with Rosie for a one off special live video interview for PHASE Worldwide. Register your name to watch Sarah Williams, ask Rosie about some of her wildest global adventures.

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