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Rog Harrison

Rog Harrison


As we break into 2021 the responsibility for business to be a force for good impacting positively on people and the planet is probably greater than it has ever been. Our environment is changing dramatically and profoundly before our very eyes. The pandemic has created great anxiety and uncertainty around the world impacting greatly on people’s mental health.

Some scientists have proposed that the genesis of the pandemic was the continual encroachment of the natural environment exposing humans to viruses which we are ill equipped to combat.

Governments alone can’t solve these challenges without support from businesses. We recognise as a small company we can only make a tiny difference, but many SME’S working together can make a difference.

It’s not easy keeping up-to-date with the latest thinking and initiatives businesses are taking to make a positive impact, so we decided to become a member of Heart of the City to help inform our thinking and our development. 

Heart of the City is an important resource helping us understand how to support local communities, how to reduce our environmental impact, develop our people, refine our purpose as well as ensure we are looking after our team’s wellbeing through the pandemic and beyond. 

We also recognise that being paid a real living wage is hugely important for both business and society, & that living & working in London means living & travel costs are a little higher than other areas. Like 7,000 businesses before us we have decided to join The Living Wage Foundation and commit to paying our employees at least the real living minimum wage for London. This living wage takes into account the cost of living based on a basket of household goods and services in London. 

These two initiatives will help us navigate the next few years as a digital product studio and helps us stay true to our ambition of making a positive impact on the world around us.

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