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The digital startup and scaleup space is very buoyant at the moment across multiple categories as both business and consumers find digital solutions to make their lives easier and more sustainable.

This has in turn helped to dynamically grow our digital product design studio and therefore there has been a need to grow the team in both development and design.

Recruitment as we all know is very easy to get wrong and very difficult to get right. It is an area we are continually trying to improve as diverse thinking and culture are so important to any organisation.

During February and March we onboarded five new hires into the business, and we were keen to get their feedback on why they joined NEVERBLAND so we could continue to improve our process purpose and culture.


Alex Chiu, a Full Stack JavaScript Developer explained that the first thing that attracted him to NEVERBLAND was the diverse range of clients they work with, from Togetherall – a platform for mental health, to Feast It, an Airbnb for food trucks, to Bulb, a sustainable energy company and Lick a modern decor company that delivers straight to your door. The prospect to work with so many interesting startups got him really excited. 

What sealed the deal for him was the incredibly enjoyable interview process. A relaxed screening process, a fun and challenging take home project, then finally topped off with a constructive code review. The whole process from start to end made him realise that NB was where he wanted to work next.


Laura Palmer, a Design Intern who is passionate about sustainability stated that there’s no corporate waffle with Neverbland, just a genuine drive to create progressive and impactful work. It was clear that NB cared about the purpose of its projects and its partnership with charities like PHASE and Mind over Mountains set it apart from other studios. It’s exciting to be designing with a company that works hard to integrate social and environmental responsibility into its ethos.


Daniele Palombo a Senior Product Designer who joined in March described as a Designer the first thing you look at is the work NB has produced and keeps on producing which is high. The great advantage in his experience was that not only did he follow and keep up to date with the progress of NB, but also met parts of the team long before joining. This really gave him a true insight into the type of design studio NB was, but also what kind of people made NB what it is today.

What really stood out for him was the ability to successfully push best practice and latest trends and create unique experiences in very particular and different markets.

He went on to explain that on joining there was great kindness and professionalism of each member of staff. From the very early stages communication has always been incredibly transparent – making joining the team effortless. Also very importantly, especially in this current situation, NB showed great understanding and willingness to help all of us during these new difficulties we find ourselves in. As a new starter these are all the main ingredients needed to begin an exciting and positive new adventure at NB.


Adam Zdrzalka a Full Stack JavaScript Developer explained the thing that initially attracted him to NEVERBLAND was the modern tech stack and the sleek designs produced by the team. As he began the interview process, the company’s collaborative team culture really stood out to him. He said “I made the decision to select NEVERBLAND after receiving thorough and detailed feedback on my code test, reflecting their commitment to helping their engineers grow.”


Hakeem Ladejobi, a Full Stack JavaScript Developer commented that the quality and variety of the work they had created is what appealed to him initially, but the way the interviews were conducted and the feedback offered made it clear to him that this was a company that cares about the people they employ.

The distinctive difference is the interactions he had during his interview. They were very intelligent and honest and he found those qualities very appealing.

As we spoke to each of the new NEVERBLANDER’s it was clear that our relentless work on people and purpose is resonating. There is still work to do and we had consistent feedback that we could continue to improve our starter packs, as they really make a difference in growing a person’s sense of belonging.

As we are now embarking on another recruitment drive we will continue to ensure that people and purpose are at the heart of all we do.

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