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We’re a pretty tight team here at our digital product studio. Since joining in the spring last year I’ve found it easy to chat with everyone. But like most other people, I find myself falling into the habit of chatting mostly to my desk buddy or project team.

To combat this, our front-end dev, Mark implemented an app on Slack called Donut that randomly assigns you and a colleague together to go for a doughnut, coffee, beer, or anything you want really 🤓 The idea is to encourage everyone to get to know each other on a deeper level than just the standard coffee machine chat, building a stronger, happier and better-integrated team.

Luckily, we’re a great bunch, so we’re all happy to have a coffee with anyone. Nonetheless, the results have been inspiring. People have been going for work dates with their Donut buddies and getting to know each other on a more personal level 😊 Ice had broken and friendships have formed.

It’s also been excellent for opening up new conversations about projects people are working on. Getting two people together from different disciplines, not working on the same stuff initiates new opinions and ideas – a great source for creativity 🎨

It’s encouraged me to go to new places for coffee, food and beer! There’re some delicious places to eat at around Hoxton, and we’re getting around all of it!

What I’m trying to say; is that I highly encourage trying to get to know members of your team, on a personal level. It’ll make your team closer, stronger and hopefully generate new creative thought. And with a little cherry to go on top, you’ll likely go and try out new food and drink in your neighbourhood. What’s not to love? 👍

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