Charity partner PHASE transform their approach to digital




Now and again in life, everything falls into line and fantastic things happen. Our charity partner PHASE Worldwide applied to be part of the UK Government Aid Match campaign for 2021 and was fortunate to be accepted.

Once accepted they set a target of raising £100,000 to support 1,000 women and their children in Nepal. The Start Strong UK Aid Match Appeal was born and launched in March 2021. The charity quickly realised that to raise such a large quantum in 3 months during a pandemic, they would have to transform their digital campaign planning and content to engage a wider audience.

They cleverly worked backwards determining how many people they would have to reach with engaging content to achieve their goals and then built a digital campaign to deliver this. The charity's digital team in Bristol sought advice on best practices, chose some great content partners and then learnt on the job transforming PHASE into a digital brand in the space of three months.

The PHASE digital team set daily and weekly targets and corrected the course if things nudged slightly off. Their content ideas and campaigns were hugely creative ranging from Brian Blessed being quiet for 24hrs to climbing Mount Everest via the steps of Crystal Palace to a virtual race from London to Kathmandu.

Like any great campaign, you need fresh creative content to keep people engaged, especially over three months. The PHASE team blended the art and science of digital campaigning beautifully across the three-month appeal. It’s little surprise they beat their target and now they are looking forward to starting their three-year project giving support to 1,000 women in Nepal.

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