Cool story bro. Make it shorter?

Jolyon Varley

Meetings typically kick off with an exchange of creds. At best they provide useful insight and an excuse to flash a bit of plumage. At worst they are five kidney-thumping minutes of inflated poo poo to sit through before getting down to the project at hand.

My mum once told me, "you're not as bloody wonderful as you think you are". She was right. In business as in life it's just too easy to start believing your own hype.

“Life is short, time is precious and people are mostly interested in themselves"

Not mum's this time but nonetheless a useful mantra to repeat to yourself while waiting for public transport, gargling mouthwash or removing lint from underneath the rubber flange of the washing machine drum.

Keeping introductions short and high contrast demonstrates confidence in your service and respect for your client's time. More time to talk about their business. More time to listen.

That's how we try to do things at NEVERBLAND. New business meetings begin with a brief, energetic introduction and snappy break down of the agenda, considerately constructed to reinforce our suitability. We'll keep our story short because frankly, we're more interested in yours.

In a line of work where relationships count for so much, success isn't always about seismic shifts in thinking, but small correctives to a process or workflow that have the power to produce disproportionate results. Observations becomes optimisations become best practice.

The most persuasive communication, like design, architecture and almost everything else in this life has much do with omission. Once you remove the padding from things, what remains is even more powerful. It's no coincidence that 'beauty in simplicity' is one of our company values.

Spinning a interesting story might still be your fastest route to building emotional connection with your clients. Just remember to get to the point, and begin with the humble assumption that in reality, we're all probably not as bloody wonderful as we think we are.

Jolyon Varley

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